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Nationals is for Everyone


Did you know that the SCVA has an adult indoor volleyball season followed by USA Volleyball's Nationals? Many of today's young club players and coaches have no idea that USA Volleyball offers a lifetime of tough competition at all levels and all age groups. After high school and college ends, contact the SCVA and enter a team.



Play Beach Volleyball


We strongly encourage beach doubles as a compliment to your indoor game. There is nothing like playing doubles for ball control, conditioning and court sense. Check back for the development of a beach volleyball section on this site.



Volleyball Etiquette


One thing I can't emphasize enough is the need for proper etiquette in volleyball. Too many times, I've seen parents and players needlessly taunting other teams while they play or while they call lines. I've seen players kick the ball in anger instead of tossing it back with restraint. I've heard of kids spitting on their hands before shaking hands at game's end. And, I, as a coach, have had a player take her hand away just as I was going to shake it and tell her, "nice game." A well rounded player, with a proper attitude and respect for coaches and other players is a must. Making faces, rolling eyes and poking fun at other people's expense will only hurt one person ...YOU. Earn your wins by training hard, not by rattling the other team to the point that they are unable to compete. A real athlete has integrity and pride both in themselves and in their team. Win or lose, ALWAYS shake hands and congratulate the winning team, regardless of whether they presented themselves well on the court. Earn respect with hard work and a good attitude and you will gain a strong reputation as a player. ~Bonnie Bright


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