Brad is married to volleyball player, Karen (Kiwi) Barber. They live together in Venice, CA with their daughter, Maya.  Brad grew up in the Pacific Palisades where volleyball was not his first sport.  He was bigger than most kids and was immediately guided into football at a young age. His father Bobby Barber, an L.A. County Firefighter, had a burning desire to play beach volleyball at every opportunity and took Brad and his 3 siblings Mark, Colleen and Blake to the beach every chance he could. A love affair for beach volleyball soon blossomed.  It wasn't long before one of the neighbors, Randy Stoklos, was  also being “kidnapped” every weekend (unknown to his parents) and taken to the beach for his dose of VB too.  The mob of kids then started traveling to various opens to watch Bobby compete at different venues like the Manhattan Open, The Laguna Open or where ever the next tourney would be.  Every summer as the volleyball season ended Brad would gear up for football season and did not even play indoor volleyball until he finished his college football career at San Francisco State where he became an All Conference Offensive Guard and Captain.   After returning to southern California, he enter the motion picture industry where he still is a Screen Actors Guild member today.  To get into shape it was only natural to jump head first back into beach volleyball.  Brad soon moved up and won CBVA single A then AA tourneys in the 80's . By the mid 80's, he was placing in AAA’s and eventually playing in AVP events.  Brad continued to play beach and hold his AAA for over 2 decades wining several AAA’s on the CBVA with several different players.  He and his wife are accomplished Coed tourney players. Brad still competes in the Surf festival 6 – man 50 and over division where his team has won the last 3 years.



Brad now looks forward to passing on his love of volleyball to his 16-year-old daughter, Maya. He is currently coaching 14-2's and assisting with the 12-1 club teams for Westside Warriors.  His dad, Bobby, still plays at the age of 84 at the Santa Monica Pier.


High School accomplishments:

All League Football Offensive Linemen 1977

College Accomplishments:

All conference offensive Linemen

Runner up state champion Santa Monica College Indoor Volleyball 1982


Beach Volleyball


1984 CBVA Santa Barbra B 1st place with Karl Moseman

1985 CBVA San Diego Mission Beach A 1st place with Karl Moseman

1986 CBVA State Beach AA 1st  place with  Mark Anderson

1991 Cal Cup CBVA State AA Beach Volleyball Champions Manhattan Beach with Parker Blackman

1991 United States AA Beach Doubles Champions Louisville Kentucky with Parker Blackman

1993 State beach CuervoTour  1st place with  Mark Knudson

1994  Lake Tahoe Cuervo Tour 1st Place with  Mark Knudson

1996 CBVA AAA 1st Place with John Anselmo

1997 CBVA AAA 1st place Playa Del Rey with Shawn Davis

1999 Lake Tahoe Open 1st place with Shawn Davis

2009 Surf Festival 6 man 50 and older division 1st place

2010 Surf Festival 6 man 50 and older division 1st place

2nd Place in the California Senior Game Championships 50 and older


Coaching Experience


Level One Beach Cap Certified by UASVB


2014 Head Coach Westside Warriors 12 ones team


2014 Head Coach Westside Warriors 14 ones team


2013 Assistant Coach Palisades High School Girls Sand Team


2013 Assistant Coach Palisades High School Boys Sand Team

2012-2013 Head Coach Westside Warriors 14-2's and Assistant Coach Westiside Warriors 12-1's

2012 Sand Warriors Beach Volleyball Summer Camps Click Here for More Information


2011- 2012 13-14 year old girls for Beach Cities Club Volleyball out of Playa Vista.


2010  New West Charter Middle School, Los Angeles, CA

Volleyball Coach


2007 - 2010  Cindy Grebliunas Coaching, Manhattan Beach, CA

Backup Beach Volleyball Coach, Intermediate Level


2007 – 2008  Sinjin Smith & Randy Stoklos Beach Volleyball Camp, Santa Monica, CA

Beach Volleyball Coach


2007 – 2009 Coeur d’Alene Elementary School, Venice, CA

Volleyball Coach, Head after-school volleyball coach for 3rd – 5th graders.


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