Learn to Play Beach Volleyball


Video footage of Pepperdine vs CSULB.  Lots of great hustle and ball control:



Things to bring to a beach volleyball tournament

Beach Volleyball Rules with Coach Cindy Phillips



Drills with a partner/ McKibbin Brothers


Look Before You Shoot with Coach, Brad Barber...


Get several different objects,  i.e. backpack, sandal, umbrella post, beach chair, volleyball, cooler, put them in different spots on the court.    Put an object in each deep corner.  Put an object in the from left and front right  and middle left, middle center middle right.  Now have your partner set you. Be sure that you are getting high sets. You will notice the Pros's set very high.  This gives them time to look.  After the set has  come out of  your partners hands and  you are starting your approach have your partner yell out an object take a very quick glance at that object  and now try to hit it with a controlled shot. The object is to jump hard like you are going to spike for maximum vertical. This freezes the back court defender  into thinking you are still spiking and is and makes you much harder to defend. Now go ahead and take your eyes off the object and refocus on the ball and make a very crisp shot to the intended object.

Remember the glance happens in just a split second and takes patience to learn. Also this skill is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO DO IN THE WIND.

So wait for a calm day. ~ Brad Barber

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