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Train By Yourself


Summer Training Printouts: Workout # 1 three times per week | Workout # 2 two to three times per week | Pre-Season Club Workout


Recommended workout videos: Cathe Friedrich workouts are available for download on her web site. She is extremely knowledgeable and can give you a hard core workout to prepare you for volleyball.  Try the jumping tabatas!


Play Volleyball

If you live near the beach, we highly recommend getting as much beach experience as possible. Try to play four to seven games when you go down to the beach to play.  Play at least three days per week.


Coach's Corner


Printable 2 Hour Practices

The lines dividing each section of practice represent water breaks. Try to time your practice so that you're ready for the team portions (scrimmage/queen of the court...) at about 1 hour in. Save 5 to 10 minutes for the last part/conditioning. Please check the Drills Glossary for detailed descriptions.

Skilled players age 12 to 18: Practice 1 | Practice 2 | Practice 3  | Practice 4


Ages 9 to 14: Practice 1 | Practice 2 | Practice 3 | Practice 4 | Practice 5 | Practice 6


Volleyball Tactix iTunes App

Download this FREE coaching tool to demonstrate offense & defense in real time 3D!


Here is an example of a coach's expectations from players in regards to good sportsmanship: Good Sportsmanship


Empty tournament line-up sheet


USA Volleyball Video Instructions on Score Keeping


Indoor Club Volleyball Score Sheets and Libero Trackers


Printable 4 Hour Beach Volleyball Practice (MS Word)


Team Snap App

TeamSnap takes the headache out of managing your volleyball team or club. Set up a team website on their simple web and mobile platform. Keep track of contacts, communicate with players, record payments, share photos, and more. It's simple, intuitive, and only requires a web connection.

Tools to Manage Your Volleyball Team


Volleyball Offense

Description of a 6-2 and a 5-2 from coach, Thomas Puzio


6-2 Offense:

Two players on the court (opposite each other in the rotation) set when they are in the back row. This means that at all times you have three eligible (front row) attackers in the front row (i.e. 6 attackers and 2 setters).    Watch the Video



Easier to learn

Distributes the setting responsibility among two players instead of one

Maintains three front row attackers at all times


The best setter is setting only half the time

Both setters may be a good passer but will only be eligible to pass when in the front row


5-1 Offense:

Only one player on the court is designated the setter and sets every rotation. This means that you only have two eligible (front row) attackers when the setter is in the front row. (i.e. 5 attackers and 1 setter)  Watch the video



The best setter on the team sets every ball

More individual instruction time can be devoted to the one setter and the one setter will improve faster with the additional repetitions.

Every set will be consistent because it is set by the same person

In some cases, one setter may set with a different speed and height than another setter which can throw off the rhythm of the attackers


When the setter is in the front row you only have two eligible (front row) attackers


Registering Club Teams


SCVA  Registration Forms




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