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Weekly training sessions are being offered now on a pay-as-you-go basis.  All ages welcome.


Advanced Training is reserved for players who are either already competing in beach tournaments, are knowledgeable in blocking and pulling and making calls for their partner, and players who have been assessed by the coach and approved to train at this level.

Level 2 Training is the step between beginner and advanced training.  We will put together the skills learned in beginner class and start learning to block and pull.  We'll start practicing making calls and getting into position inside the block. Advanced players are welcome to train here.

Level 1Training covers every detail of the technique involved in playing the game (serving, passing, setting...) of volleyball.  Time is taken to make sure you get every opportunity to correct and work on your skills.  Game play is controlled in order to ensure proper learning. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A BEGINNER TO ENTER THIS CLASS. All levels are welcome; just know that we will go over things in detail.  Advanced players may attend this class for free because it helps the new players learn.

Reps & Conditioning Classes are tough workouts with some volleyball reps to self, sprinting, jumping, diving, core work and push-ups all combined together.  This class is designed to prepare players for deep sand, all-day-long tournaments.

Wave Through game days are days where you can train with your partner, or pick one up.  We will warm up and play games for two hours.  Coaching will be provided on the fly without bringing game-play to a halt.  These days are game play only with no individual training.



3 Important Forms


  1. Players will be required to fill out a medical release form: Medical Release
  2. Bright Volleyball Club is registered with the ?.  Players who are not registered for SCVA club ball (indoor or beach) this season will be required to register with the SCVA (this is our insurance coverage): ? Individual Membership
  3. Please also fill out the Waiver and Release of Liability .

Boys 14 to 18 Camp Offered Upon Request (men's height net)

Gather your team or your friends together and reserve some days to train this summer.  Groups of four or more preferred.


Train With Your Partner

Partners may work together during camps and training.  Please contact us to let us know prior to the start of camp.


Volleyball Reps and Conditioning Class

1:20 minute volleyball workout class will be offered upon request.  No prior experience required/ all ages.  This class is designed for players to condition for their sport and provides individual reps combined with sprints, jumping, diving...  $10.00 per class with 3 or more people.  Classes held upon request.


Six Person High School Tryout Preparation

Six person training will be offered upon request at $50 per hour to help prepare students for high school tryouts.  Bring six or more players if possible.

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