Where are you located?

Our location will be disclosed to you by phone.  We don't want to encourage spectators who are not friends or family of our players.  We live near Warmlands and East Vista Way.  760-831-5997


What do I need to bring?

Bring sunblock, lots of water, a towel, snacks, socks or sand socks (for hot feet) and sunglasses.


Why our own court?

Volleyball has been a part of Bonnie's life since birth.  "It's not just a hobby for me, it's a way of life and an art.  I thrive off sharing my knowledge with players and seeing them succeed."  Having our own court allows us to take our time and add the detail each player needs to improve.  We can stay after and work further on a skill or schedule extra practice days when needed.  Working on a single court also makes it so players can concentrate on the coaching and hear what's being said.  It also allows them the ability to try new things, such as technique or new skills.


Are there any risks?

Beach Safety:  While beach volleyball players tend to have fewer injuries than indoor volleyball players, there are still plenty of things that can happen.  Collisions with other players are rare, but do happen.  Other injuries can include rolling toes under while running in the sand, colliding with the post (we have padding), catching a body part on the lines, catching a hand in the sand while diving and landing on the hand, lower back strain and over-use injuries in joints such as shoulders or knees.  Blisters, heat exhaustion, sunburn, spectator feet (when parents sit all day, watching kids play, they forget to put sunblock on the tops of their feet!)



Playing in Vista means you are playing next to native vegetation.  While we do have a nice ocean breeze, allergy sufferers might want to take precautions. Also, we may see honey bees or wasps.


Do you have insurance?

Yes!  We are registered with USA Volleyball.  Each player that registers with our club, or with any other club, during a given season will be covered when training at a facility registered with USAV.  You are also covered at tournaments.


Do I need to fill anything out?

Medical Release Form

SCVA Individual Membership Form (only required if you have not signed up for any clubs this season)


How do I know what age group to compete in?

Age Definition Chart


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